Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace is expected and when managed effectively may resolve on it's own. However, conflict that is ignored or not identified and managed can fester and ultimately impact an organization's bottom line.  Early mediation of conflict as it arises can help organizations avoid both the direct and hidden costs of a workplace in conflict.  

cost of workplace conflict

  • high employee turnover
  • loss of a skilled employee
  • cost of recruiting and training new staff
  • decreased productivity
  • higher error or potential for accidents
  • decreased consistency in service delivery
  • decreased productivity
  • higher absenteeism
  • decrease in morale
  • increase in workplace gossip
  • human cost of clients served
  • erosion of trust in management

Benefits of workplace mediation

  • early intervention can lead to creative problem solving
  • retention of employees
  • consistency in quality of service delivery
  • better morale
  • improved workplace culture
  • improved job satisfaction
  • improved productivity
  • good public reputation as an employer

Of course, the best remedy is prevention.  Please see Coaching and Workshop services for further information on how to provide your leadership team with the skills to effectively manage conflict and avoid the financial and human cost of conflict.  

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