Here’s What You Should Do…

Have you noticed that since you’ve mentioned you and your partner are separating that everyone and their dog suddenly seems to know EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO?! I hear it in conversations and see it online all the time. It usually starts with “You know what you should do?” Followed by the answer to what is clearly a rhetorical question because they already have the answer for you.

The Trap of Sweet Revenge

We can probably all admit to a time when we contemplated things we would like to do to someone who has hurt us or made us to suffer in some way. Whether it’s keying someone’s car or ruining their reputation in a Facebook rant, the idea of exacting revenge can feel sweet. In separation and divorce the need for revenge can be overwhelming! Sweet, sweet revenge!

Get Curious!

In our every day conversations we ask others a lot of “closed” questions. Closed questions are ones that only require a “yes” or “no” answer. Yes or no really doesn’t give us much information and we’re often missing out on crucial pieces of info that could help us to resolve something.

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