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Co-Parenting Through COVID-19

For co-parents with strained or conflicted relationships, the pandemic may be creating even more stress and tension than ever before. Co-parenting can be difficult on a good day. During a time of crisis the dynamic between co-parents can become amplified. Find some suggestions help you through this crisis in this post.

The Assumptions We Make

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing an old friend, Jill McPherson. We talked about the assumptions we all make all day, every day, that have the potential to lead to miscommunication or conflict with those around us. The assumptions we make can get us in a lot of trouble. In this interview I speak to Jill McPherson about how to change our communication habits.

We’re Stuck!

Sometimes in mediation it will seem as though the parties have made great progress during their session but by the time we meet again things have unravelled. Sometimes this is just part of the normal process as people work through everything emotionally and cognitively and after another session they’ve got it worked out and an agreement is well underway.


All of my services, workshops and courses are designed to help lay the groundwork for positive future interactions, allowing former spouses or co-workers to practice collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution and understanding each other in their new roles

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