Co-Parenting Through COVID-19

For co-parents with strained or conflicted relationships, the pandemic may be creating even more stress and tension than ever before. Co-parenting can be difficult on a good day. During a time of crisis the dynamic between co-parents can become amplified. Find some suggestions help you through this crisis in this post.

Separated for the Holidays

Making plans for the holiday season The holiday season can be a difficult time for parents who are separating or who have separated. At a time of year when traditions are so important it’s hard to imagine how to create new traditions that preserve those key ingredients of family time and

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Communication can be difficult I recently had the pleasure of interviewing an old friend (video post coming soon!), Jill McPherson. We talked about the assumptions we all make all day, every day, that have the potential to lead to miscommunication or conflict with those around us. After we finished

We’re Stuck!

Sometimes in mediation it will seem as though the parties have made great progress during their session but by the time we meet again things have unravelled. Sometimes this is just part of the normal process as people work through everything emotionally and cognitively and after another session they’ve got it worked out and an agreement is well underway.

5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Parenting Plan in Separation

When parents who are separating come to Family Mediation, often, the number one issue that needs to be resolved is Parenting Time. In other words, the schedule you will follow for when your children spend time with each parent. The schedule you create will lay the ground work for other pieces of your overall Parenting Plan such as Parent Responsibilities and Child Support. Here are 5 things to consider when creating your Parenting Schedule.

Your Separation Checklist

Whether you’ve got your Separation Agreement in hand or you’re still working toward getting it done, there is a lot to think about when you are going through the separation process. So here’s a helpful list of practical things that need to get done. It can feel overwhelming. So just choose one or two things a day to accomplish and before you know it, you’ll have got it all done.

Here’s What You Should Do…

Have you noticed that since you’ve mentioned you and your partner are separating that everyone and their dog suddenly seems to know EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO?! I hear it in conversations and see it online all the time. It usually starts with “You know what you should do?” Followed by the answer to what is clearly a rhetorical question because they already have the answer for you.

The Trap of Sweet Revenge

We can probably all admit to a time when we contemplated things we would like to do to someone who has hurt us or made us to suffer in some way. Whether it’s keying someone’s car or ruining their reputation in a Facebook rant, the idea of exacting revenge can feel sweet. In separation and divorce the need for revenge can be overwhelming! Sweet, sweet revenge!