Elder Mediation

Elder mediation allows seniors, their adult children and other family members to discuss issues that may come up as a person ages.  Mediation can be used before a conflict even arises as a way to plan and prevent problems in the future.  It can also be used as disagreements arise.  As your mediator my goal is to assist you to respond to family and social issues while striving to maintain the self-determination and dignity of the elder person.  

Common issues that are addressed are:

  • Relationships between parents, siblings, grandchildren and extended family
  • Caregiving and living arrangements 
  • Driving
  • Payments of bills and management of finances
  • Power of Attorney, Representation Agreements and Guardianship decisions
  • Preparation for end of life arrangements


Assisting seniors and their families to prevent, manage and resolve conflict related to aging. Serving Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.