The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Communication can be difficult I recently had the pleasure of interviewing an old friend (video post coming soon!), Jill McPherson. We talked about the assumptions we all make all day, every day, that have the potential to lead to miscommunication or conflict with those around us. After we finished our recording we

Your Separation Checklist

Whether you’ve got your Separation Agreement in hand or you’re still working toward getting it done, there is a lot to think about when you are going through the separation process. So here’s a helpful list of practical things that need to get done. It can feel overwhelming. So just choose one or two things a day to accomplish and before you know it, you’ll have got it all done.

Here’s What You Should Do…

Have you noticed that since you’ve mentioned you and your partner are separating that everyone and their dog suddenly seems to know EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO?! I hear it in conversations and see it online all the time. It usually starts with “You know what you should do?” Followed by the answer to what is clearly a rhetorical question because they already have the answer for you.