Project Description

Conflict Management for Organizations

Conflict management begins with effective communication.

Having worked in non-profits for over 20 years I have seen first hand the cost of conflict in the workplace. It is not uncommon for individuals, through years served and merit, to move up through the ranks into management and leadership positions. However, the training required to effectively manage conflict in the workplace doesn’t always keep up with the advancement in position.
Let me show you how building capacity in your leadership team can positively impact your budget, employee retention and ultimately better service for your clients.
I am available to lead workshops that begin with the basics in conflict management through to more advanced topics.
I am also available to work with staff teams on how they manage conflict in their day to day work and how, through specific strategies and tools, to improve their workplace atmosphere.
Of course, each staff team and work place is unique and I adapt my approaches and strategies accordingly.

Retained Services

Organizations often find me because they are looking for someone to help them work through an urgent conflict within the organization. This may be through mediation services, providing one to one coaching or facilitating discussions with the goal of putting out a fire.
While I am always happy to help an organization through this kind of situation, I find that our work together is really only scratching the surface. Inevitably, I will be called upon again because we’ve only been addressing symptoms and not getting at the root of the problem.

And what, you ask, is that problem?

I can confidently say that the root of most conflict within a workplace is ineffective communication.

Did you know?

  • 85% of employees deal with conflict on some level

  • 34% of conflict occurs among front-line employees

  • Employees spend 2.1 hours a week dealing with a conflict

  • 54% of employees believe managers could handle disputes more effectively by addressing underlying tensions when they surface

  • 31% of managers think they handle disagreements well but only 22% of non-managers agree

  • 70% believe managing conflict is a critically important leadership skill

  • 95% of employees who have received conflict resolution and communication training report it has helped them navigate workplace conflict positively and seek mutually beneficial outcomes

Conflict skills are rarely taught as core curriculum in education, which means most adults enter the workplace with little to no knowledge of how to prevent or manage conflict. Time and energy spent on improving communication, at all levels of an organization, will result in a more cohesive, collaborative and trusting environment.

Consider the time and expense you are already putting into professional development. Is there follow through from employees after a conference or a course? Is your investment having the impact you really want and need? That’s where my service is different. Follow through and accountability are built in so that your investment in growth and development is actually getting the results you need.

Let’s stop putting out fires and instead build a foundation for effective communication that will help to minimize conflict and create a culture of growth and development at all levels of your organization.

Imagine having a neutral expert, within easy reach, to help you build a workplace culture that not only values but actually invests in communication, collaboration, trust and growth.

Strategic Planning Session

It all begins with a Strategic Planning Session. I find it is very valuable to spend the time together coming up with an intentional plan for how best to use my services. This will help to identify the goals you are working toward so that each month your hours are being put toward meeting those goals.

Exciting Ways to Use Your Monthly Hours Across All Levels of Your Organization

  • One to one coaching

  • Group/Team coaching

  • Working through a particular issue or urgent matter

  • Assisting a committee or team to lay out communication guidelines on a new project

  • Assisting middle and upper management to create effective internal written and/or verbal communications

  • Coaching on effective written and verbal communication with those you are serving

  • These are just suggestions! The sky is the limit, let’s get creative!

Imagine having a neutral expert, within easy reach, to help you build a workplace culture that not only values but actually invests in communication, collaboration, trust and growth.

Your Investment

When you commit to retained monthly services, I am able to offer you a discount on my usual hourly fee.

Let’s schedule a time to chat and create a package that works for your organization’s needs.

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