Project Description


Do you feel like no matter what you do you have a difficult time maintaining positive relationships with those around you?

Through one to one coaching I can assist you to identify what is creating the problem and give you strategies and tools to effectively and proactively deal with differences you may experience in your personal, community or work life.


Having worked in non-profits for over 20 years I have seen first hand the cost of conflict in the workplace. It is not uncommon for individuals, through years served and merit, to move up through the ranks into management and leadership positions. However, the training required to effectively manage conflict in the workplace doesn’t always keep up with the advancement in position.

Let me show you how building capacity in your leadership team can positively impact your budget, employee retention and ultimately better service for your clients.

I am available to lead workshops that begin with the basics in conflict management through to more advanced topics.

I am also available to work with staff teams on how they manage conflict in their day to day work and how, through specific strategies and tools, to improve their workplace atmosphere.

Of course, each staff team and work place is unique and I adapt my approaches and strategies accordingly.

Not located in Victoria?

No problem. I can arrange to mediate in your Vancouver Island or Gulf Island community.