Emotional intelligence has been identified as absolutely essential to effective leadership in a post-Covid world.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, understand, and effectively manage one’s own emotional state combined with the ability to engage empathetically with others.

EQi assessments for workplace and for leadership provide you with an inventory of where you’re at right now and assist you to identify which areas you want to work on and how to work toward those improvements.

EQi 360’s include feedback from others so that you can learn more about how others see you and where there is alignment and where there is not.


  • A comprehensive EQi report
  • 3 follow-up, one on one sessions to review the report, identify goals and create a plan for reaching them
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360 evaluations are an impactful opportunity for an employee or leader to receive valuable feedback from a variety of sources. Information gathered will assist in identifying specific areas for development. Having an evaluation conducted by a neutral third-party can eliminate the perception of bias and provide impartiality.


  • A comprehensive 360 report that compiles and analyzes the feedback
  • One session with the subject to review the report

Add on:

  • In-person/virtual interviews with feedback contributors to solicit additional information for the report
  • An additional session with the subject to identify goals and create a plan for reaching them
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Workshops are an efficient and cost-effective way for groups to acquire and develop skills. Unfortunately the excitement and motivation experienced in a workshop can wane quickly as everyone returns to their usual habits.
We want you to get the most of your investment in professional development. With all of our workshops we work in opportunities for everyone to develop a follow up plan for using their new skills as well as a plan for accountability.

Topics We Deliver

  • Effective Communication for Conflict Management in the Workplace
  • Performance Management as a Daily Habit for Leaders
  • What is Emotional Intelligence, Why It’s Important, and How to Develop It
  • Hosting Better Staff Meetings
  • Conflict Management for Leaders

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