Is a conflict causing you to lose sleep?  Don't worry, you've got this.


Mediation puts you in a powerful position of collaborating to determine your own outcome. 


As a mediator I can facilitate that discussion for you and assist everyone involved to focus on the future and move forward.  


Family Mediation &

Elder Mediation

* Modern solutions to separation and divorce

* Parenting plans that work for you, not against you

* Specializing in working with separating parents where the best interests of a child with special needs is being considered

* Honouring the diversity, complexity and uniqueness of each situation

* Bridging the gap in issues related to aging parents

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workplace mediation

Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services

* Build capacity in your leadership team

* Recoup the money lost from sick days, time off and turnover that results from workplace conflict

* Create a workplace your employees want to come to, not one they want to avoid

* Be the role model your employees need you to be

* Provide the high quality service your clients expect 

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Not located in Victoria? No problem. I can arrange to mediate in your Vancouver Island or Gulf Island community.

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